Love and War Sandra Worth

Crown of Destiny -- Sanra Worth

Fall From Grace -- Sandra Worth

Kings Daughter


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author photoIf you are looking for excellent historical  fiction novels on
the War of the Roses then check out Sandra Worth.”


Six books on the Wars of the Roses,
each an award-winner

In a kingdom divided by hate and a world torn by war, Love blooms eternal

THE ROSE OF YORK: Love & War, Crown of Destiny, Fall From Grace on Richard III

The Love Story
The Throne
The Reign 
The Rose of York -- Sandra Worth Crown of Destiny -- Sandra Worth Fall from Grace -- Sandra Worth
Lady of the Roses
The King’s Daughter
Pale Rose of  England
Lady of the Roses -- Sandra Worth The King's Daughter -- Sandra Worth Pale Rose of England -- Sandra Worth

"Thank you for letting us review the book. I can see why your writing merits awards – you have a gift."—Patti Carmack, Lifestyles Editor, The Ponca City News

"Worth vividly brings one of England's lesser-known queens to life in this luminous portrait of "Elizabeth the Good," wife of Henry VII and mother of the notorious Henry VIII. Worth (Lady of the Roses) examines Elizabeth's life with a journalist's eye, an impressive feat given that her subject left little behind for study. This attention to detail will appeal to fans of historical fiction."—Publishers Weekly

"A deftly written, reader engaging, thoroughly entertaining and enthusiastically recommended historical novel which documents its author as a gifted literary talent."—Midwest Book Review, June 2003

"Through Ms. Worth’s clean, polished prose, a window is opened, and from it flow the voices of the anguished and the proud, the glorious and the damned, the just and the unjust… Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay Ms. Worth, however, is my keen desire to learn more about Richard III, his perils, triumphs, sorrows and regrets…"—C. L. Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews, Oct, 2003

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